Dear Marianne,

Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’. Harry has had such a great year in your classes and is very excited to be coming again next year. Thank you for making it such a great learning environment.

See you in February.
Rachel and Neil

Dear Marianne,

What a year! Erin just loves attending both Drama and Vocal Ensemble The end of year concerts were fantastic... just showing the kids for who they are and where they’re at! Thank you for your time and dedication.

Regards, Trish

Dear Marianne,

I just want you to know that Emily and Jake LOVE being a part of your Drama classes. Every Tuesday afternoon they bounce into the car and talk all the way home about the games you have played and fun you have shared.

Many thanks for providing our children with a wonderful experience that they will gain so much from and always remember. All your time and effort is truly appreciated.

Kindest regards,

From the Parents...

Hi Marianne,

Thank you for your email, providing information around all that we needed to know about the PlaySpace Drama and Vocal Programmes. The fees are just so reasonable and make it accessible for busy families…especially those like us, who have three children who wish to participate!

Count us in!
Kerry R

Dear Marianne,

Yes, yes, yes….Lauren will be returning to Vocal Ensemble. It is great to hear her practising, singing and dancing, in her room.

Thanks a bundle for making her so happy!

Katrina and Tim


Thanks again for a wonderful year - you have been fabulous and the teachers tell me that drama has made a noticeable difference in Lachie being happy to get up and present in class, which is fantastic.

Thanks so much!
Lisa C

Dear Marianne,

You continue to inspire not only our four children,
but all children in your realm.
Your contagious love of Music and Drama brings so
much to their young hearts and minds. Thank you for all that you are.

Rebecca and Andrew

Dear Marianne,

Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of
Saffy and Luca!

Rachel and Neil