It is the role of the educator to engage wholeheartedly with the community in which they work, acting always with a spirit of enthusiasm, commitment and care. The PlaySpace classroom is a buoyant, fun-filled environment where high expectations are pursued via inquiry, discovery and shared learning. Children feel secure and happy as they learn and create, while their natural inquisitiveness is valued in such a way that they are encouraged to question and to find answers for themselves in a supportive, understanding environment.

PlaySpace Music and Drama Education Wollongong and Kiama

Marianne Patton, 2017

I uphold that through an awareness of the core values of encouragement and respect, children can develop the necessary self-esteem and co-operative skills required to become active, enthusiastic learners as well as a confident young adults. All children, for a variety of reasons and to varying extents, can benefit from the experiential and aesthetic processes so closely linked with the key learning areas of Music and Drama, and, as Director of PlaySpace MusicDramaEd, I am passionate about elevating the profile and developing the co-curricular potentialities of the Creative and Performing Arts for primary and secondary students.

"The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go.
Our true work is this voyage, this adventure."

~ from Illusions by Richard Bach