Dear Ms Patton,

Thank you so much for helping me develop so many great skills in both Drama and Junior Vocal Ensemble. I just love it!

Lots of love, Erin

To Miss Patton,

Drama means a lot to me and I bet to everyone else too.
I just love going to drama a lot. Its amazing to me.

From Lucy

Dear Ms Patton,

Over the past four years I have discovered just how much I love theatre. Thank you for developing my confidence and belief in myself as an actor and for teaching me many, many different skills. Your Christmas gift contains a copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream…just one of the plays that we did.

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. My Wednesdays will feel so empty now that there’s no more drama!

Love from Lara

From the Kids...

Dear Ms Patton,

I’d just like to say that you have been the best drama and music teacher I could have asked for. You always make me laugh and put a smile on my face. You just make us all feel good about ourselves. Your advice, help, commitment and guidance made the whole experience 10 times more enjoyable for me. I will miss you so much in high school and I wish I could do drama with you forever.

Thank you so, so much.

Love Mia

To Miss Patton,

Thank you for being the best teacher ever. My favourite thing to do is Drama.
I want to do drama to the end of Yr 6.

From Tom